Lithuanian citizenship for Lithuanian Americans

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Lithuanian citizenship is available for every American who is descendent of Lithuanians (whether citizens or not).

For those whose forefathers (up to great grandparents) had a Lithuanian citizenship, dual citizenship is available.

Those who whose forefathers were ethnic Lithuanians but not citizens of Lithuania are still entitled to Lithuanian citizenship but may have to renounce US citizenship.

For Americans who are not yet sure if they want to restore Lithuanian citizenship but want some attachment to Lithuania, there are good alternative ways. Everyone who has a right to Lithuanian citizenship may also get a residence permit in Lithuania more easily, or a certificate proving his/her right to citizenship that may be converted into citizenship later

We offer all the services needed to acquire Lithuanian citizenship, including:

1.Acquiring the necessary documents from the Lithuanian archives, if needed for proving Lithuanian ancestry.
2.Drafting the Lithuanian application for Lithuanian citizenship.
3.Keeping contacts with Lithuanian migration institutions in Lithuanian language.
4.Litigation in Lithuanian courts, if needed.

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Lithuanian citizenship and residence attorney services