Lithuanian citizenship for Jews

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Jews who are descendants of Lithuanian citizens may get Lithuanian citizenship. Dual citizenship is also possible for them.

If, however, you are a descendant of Jew(s) who lived in Lithuania but were not Lithuanian citizens, getting the Lithuanian citizenship (especially dual citizenship) may not be so straightforward. However, it may still be possible, even if the probability is lower.

Lithuania became independent at 1918, therefore this mainly concerns descendants of Jews who emigrated prior to 1918.

We offer all the services needed to acquire Lithuanian citizenship, including:

1.Acquiring the necessary documents from the Lithuanian archives, if needed for proving Lithuanian ancestry.
2.Drafting the Lithuanian application for Lithuanian citizenship.
3.Keeping contacts with Lithuanian migration institutions in Lithuanian language.
4.Litigation in Lithuanian courts, if needed.

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We have experience with many applications by Jews for Lithuanian citizenship, made by Jews from Israel, South Africa, USA and other countries.

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