Documents needed for Lithuanian citizenship restoration

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In order to restore Lithuanian citizenship by ancestry, three things need to be proven by documents:

a) That your forefather (up to great grandparent) was a Lithuanian citizen. This may be proven by his/her passport, other documents indirectly related to citizenship, or by court of law.
b) That you really descend from that forefather. This may be proven by birth documents of you, your parents, grandparents, etc., any documents proving surname changes along the line, and it may also be a fact established by the court of law.
c) That you have no other citizenship or will renounce such citizenship or have a right to dual citizenship.

We offer all the services needed to acquire Lithuanian citizenship, including:

1.Acquiring the necessary documents from the Lithuanian archives, if needed for proving Lithuanian ancestry.
2.Drafting the Lithuanian application for Lithuanian citizenship.
3.Keeping contacts with Lithuanian migration institutions in Lithuanian language.
4.Litigation in Lithuanian courts, if needed.

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